Monday, March 12, 2012

Snow days? Are you kidding me?

    My figure skating days didn't last very long. 

     Mom took this picture, and I'm sure sure she thought the sight was soooo cute!  Digital cameras didn't come along until after another thirty years.  To get pictures, you had to send the film away to be processed.  I don't know how long you had to wait for them to return, and sometmes not all the pictures you took could be developed into prints.  Sometimes the flash worked.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes the film frame was good.  Sometimes not.  You just never knew until you got the print back in the mail many days (sometimes weeks) later.

     See that apartment building back there?  Two floors and a basement made each apartment.  We lived in one like it not far from this one.

     BTW:  From all the walking on it, the snow got packed down so much, it was hard enough to ice skate on.  But, in some neighborhoods, people made little ice rinks. 


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