Monday, March 12, 2012

Vague Childhood Memories

Among my memories, as few as there may be, of my earliest days on earth, are bits and pieces of conversations that go like this.

"How old are you?"


Many of them are vague as can be.  For example, I remember great big colored lights on a tree at gramma's house, a house that later burned down (as I recall my gramma telling me.) I can't remember anything else about that.  I can't recall that I knew anything about Christmas.  It was at that house where I took one of those small white sample tubes of Avon lipstick and colored up and down, pressing hard and going fast as I could upon my lips, chin and under my nose.  It was at that house, or rather in it, where (as I recall) my sister fell a few times while walking around in one of those walker-trainer things for toddlers.  One more memory about that house is of an incident when I got in trouble.  Mom had placed me in a car seat.  As she was pulling away from the street curb where the car was parallel parked, I said something like, "Wait!  Back!"  I think I was mimicking someone who had said the same thing, or something like it, in a similar situation.  I also think I was sorta thinking my mom had not placed my little sister in the car yet, so we shouldn't leave yet.  Well, whatever I said, it upset mom.  She replied, after stopping the car, something like, "What? Why? What's the matter? Hush!"  Then, she proceeded with pulling the car out into the street until I said, "Wait! Back!"  She told me if I didn't hush, she was going to leave me at home.  Well, you guessed it!  I didn't hush.  I said, "Wait!  Back!" one more time.  Sure enough!  Mom took me out of the car, and left me at home.  Yes, I cried!

I wonder if my mom remembers that incident? 

Another vague memory I have is of a casket with a striped flag on it being shown on our black and white TV.  We were living in Maryland at the time.  I can't say for sure, but putting other pieces of information together that I know now, I believe it was the casket of John F. Kennedy.

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